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Howdy Ya'll....

What the Mountain Muzzle Loaders are about!

The Mountain Muzzle Loaders are another group of sports minded folks who happen to own and enjoy shooting early muzzle loaded rifles and pistols. The MML group was founded a bit over a year ago and meets on the third Saturday of each month at the Ruidoso Gun Club at 1:00pm for a planned shooting event. The shooting normally takes place on the gun club pistol range wherein the group shoots are various targets, [some bulls eye targets, some whimsical, some made up] , usually from 30 to 50 yards distance. The matches vary from 4 to 5 lines fired. Each line is usually 5 rounds fired at each target. Prizes for scoring is sometimes the rule of the day, although shooting for fun and fellowship is the norm.

What does it Cost to shoot with the Mountain Muzzle Loaders.

The cost for each shoot is $10 per shooter. The funds from each shoot go for replacement targets and prizes.

It is a requirement of the MML that each shooter be a member of the RGC.

What guns can we shoot?

If you own any muzzle loader, may they be traditional percussion, flinter's or inline rifles, yer ready for the range. On the pistol side, if you own a traditional percussion, flinter, or cap & ball revolver, bring it on, we have a place for you to make noise and lots of smoke.

If you are new to the realm of "holy black", heck not to worry, come on out on match day, it will take you about a minute to find someone to aid you and coach you into the world of muzzle loading... We find it fun to be on the "dark side"

If you need more info about the Mountain Muzzle Loaders, contact , Bob Vickers (President) or Jim Shoop (Lackey) contact info is found in the roster portion of this site.

Till we meet again, Keep your powder dry and your primers hot.... JS