Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ’s for Ruidoso Gun Club Range:

1. When is range open? Range is open dawn to dusk daily. No night shooting except for special arrangement by Law Enforcement Personnel.

2. Can I reserve Range for an event? Yes, see the Reservation navigation pane on this website for complete details.

3. Are targets provided? No! This is a non-controlled open shooting range. Therefore members are asked to bring their own targets. Targets are to be standard in nature. Bullseye, Whimsical, or Other paper targets. Do not bring lumber, skids, appliances, or other types of target material. The intent of the range is to improve shooting sports, not to bring something deemed a target and blast it to pieces with automatic weapon fire, shotguns, or the like. All target material must be policed up by the shooters and disposed of properly. Take material with you when you leave, or place items in trash barrels at the rear of the rifle shooting line.

4. How many guests can I bring? This question is answered in the general Safety rules, but the answer is, you as a member and three non-member guests. You the member are fully responsible for all actions of your guests.

5. Can I shoot clay targets? Yes, you can. Set up your target throwing device to the far left side of the rifle range area. If bench shooters are present or anyone wanting to shoot from the rifle line, you may not shoot clay targets until the shooting line if free of any shooters.

6. What do I do if I see an unsafe firearm act or act of destruction? As a member of the RGC you have the right to challenge any unsafe firearm act or act of destruction of RGC property. Make it known to the violator of the act and request his key number. Report that act to the RGC board along with the key number. Action will be taken.

7. If others are present and shooting at the range and I am finished shooting, do I just leave? The answer is “Yes” however, courtesy would dictate that you ask the remaining shooters if they have their key with them for you are about to leave and lock the gate. If other shooters have keys, no need to lock the gate. If other shooters, do not have a key, remind them you are leaving and are about to lock the gate. They should leave and you can then lock the gate.

8. Can I shoot FMJ bullets at Gongs? Yes, FMJ rounds are permitted to be shot at steel gongs. What is not permitted ever is the use of Armor Piercing ammo or any incendiary ammo. 

See the attached document for instructions on building a simple target stand.

RGC_SimpleTargetStand.pdf143.54 KB