Benchrest .22 Notice: August Match and COVID-19 Suggestions

This month the .22 match will be held on the last Saturday, August 29th. Future matches will be held on the 4th Saturday, until further notice.

Suggested Covid-19 Procedures

Please try to maintain social distancing. We will be checking temperatures at the time of registration. Anyone with elevated temperature and/or dry cough will be asked to leave.  Masks are optional; however, helpful in proteecting others.

***********NEW SHOOTING EVENT COMING**********

For all you long range rifle shooting guys (and gals), there will be a new classification of organized shooting coming to the range.  As I understand it, the name of the class is: (drum roll please....) the NRA Chicken Shoot.  I have no idea of how it got that name. For further information you're going to have to contact Lonnie Bellon 575-937-5769.  It looks like it will be a whole bunch of fun.


The Benchrest .22 Silhouette Match for November 23rd has been canceled.

Change in Lincoln County Regulators Monthly Shoot

Effective September 1, 2019 the Lincoln County Regulators (SASS), who currently shoot on the second Saturday of each month, will begin scheduling their matches on the THIRD Saturday of each month.    If you have any questions, contact Don St. John at (575)937-5176-cell or (575)257-4575-home. 

Benchrest .22 Silhouette Matches

Information regarding these matches can be found by clicking on the main menu item "Ruidoso Gun Club".

New Range Keys

New range keys for 2019-2020 will be available July1, 2019.  As last year, the cost will be $100.  They can be purchased at SANDMAN ARMORY (332 Sudderth).  When  the lock is changed, on July 1st, the old keys will no longer work.  Remember Close and Lock the Gate when you Enter and Close and Lock the Gate when you leave!

Pistol Range

The pistol range has been a work in progress over the last few years.  We started out by trying to make the range a "fun" place by offering target stands at 3, 7, 10, 15, and 25 yards.  Along with the stands, we put several swinger type steel targets below the backer boards. We also had a "hostage" target and a 5 leaf shooting tree.  We got a lot of good comments.  Things went well for a short time until folks who obviously didn't care started shooting the steel PISTOL targets on the PISTOL RANGE with rifles.  This damaged the targets making them dangerous concerning ricochets and we removed them.  We have now come up with a design using silhouettes, installed according to the manufacturer's specifications and will be installing some steel targets again on the pistol range.  Please, if you see someone shooting a rifle on the pistol range-DO NOT APPROACH them, but please contact Tim Prather (575-257-3943), Don St. John (575-257-4575), or Lonnie Bellon (575-937-5769) with a description or license plate number.

Reserving the Range

If you are going to request or reserve the range, notify the President (Don St. John @ 575-937-5176 and Sandman Armory (Tim Prather @575-257-3943) so it can be approved and put on the schedule/calendar.


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