New Benchrest .22 Match Procedures

Some new changes have been made to the .22 Benchrest Match Procedures.  Most changes are for clarification; however, there are some signifiant changes involving scheduling.  For complete information click on the Ruidoso Gun Club main menu item, then click on the sub menu for .22 Benchrest Match Procedures, then the pdf attachment for Benchrest .22 Silhouette Match Procedures-Sept. 2019 (Revised).

Benchrest .22 Precision Target Shooting

An informal .22 precision target shoot is being scheduled for Friday mornings at 9:30.  This is a "Show Up and Shoot" for practicing precision accuracy.  A paper target containing 30 dime-sized mini-targets will be placed at 50 yards for each shooter (bring your own target stand).  Scoring instructions will be provided on-site.  The range will not be closed for this event; however, other scheduled calendar events will take priority.  For further information, Contact Ben "Doc" Passmore at (575)802-3694.

Benchrest .22 Silhouette Match Results-July 27, 2019

There were 19 participants in this match.  Four recorded perfect 50 for 50 scores (Felicia Evans, Nick Castanon, Frank Aleman, and Albert Avila). In a highly difficult and competitive shoot-off, Nick Castanon (El Paso) was declared the winner.  

Change in Lincoln County Regulators Monthly Shoot

Effective September 1, 2019 the Lincoln County Regulators (SASS), who currently shoot on the second Saturday of each month, will begin scheduling their matches on the THIRD Saturday of each month.  This will not affect the Billy the Kid Shootout currently scheduled for August 2019.   If you have any questions, contact Don St. John at (575)937-5176. 

Benchrest .22 Silhouette Matches

Information regarding these matches can be found by clicking on the main menu item "Ruidoso Gun Club".

New Range Keys

New range keys for 2019-2020 will be available July1, 2019.  As last year, the cost will be $100.  They can be purchased at SANDMAN ARMORY (332 Sudderth).  When  the lock is changed, on July 1st, the old keys will no longer work.  Remember Close and Lock the Gate when you Enter and Close and Lock the Gate when you leave!

Pistol Range

There has been a fair amount of work done on the  pistol range as of late.  We hope it meets with everyone's approval.  If you haven't tried it out, we encourage you to.  There are targets or target stands for just about every level of "pistolero" skill.  If you have any suggestions for making it any better, please contact Don St. John 575-257-4575 or Larry Wimbrow 575-257-3943.  As the name implies, this portion of the facility is for pistols only, rifles of any type or caliber are expressly prohibited.

Reserving the Range

If you are going to request or reserve the range, notify the President (Don St. John @ 575-937-5176 and Sandman Armory (Tim Prather @575-257-3943) so it can be approved and put on the schedule/calendar.


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